As I dug into research about the inner life, I found a lot of content that brought up the lack of consideration for the inner life in the business world. A lot of old content and an overwhelming amount of new. One clear effect of Covid-19 is the realization that…

Part 2 in a Series on Attention


I wrote this “Attention” series prior to George Floyd’s death and the resulting past two weeks of growing awareness on the part of our country (or the white majority) in relation to systemic racial injustice. I have contemplated the purpose of publishing the topics I had begun, and I have…

I have been racking my brain on what to write (if anything) to address the tragic death of George Floyd, among many others. Words have escaped me, which is rare. I have experienced so many emotions, but they all seem so secondary and insignificant in comparison to the realities of…

Alexis Maida

Alexis is an experienced executive with 15+ years of expertise in strategy, communications, branding, marketing and wellness.

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